Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Moral Compass" - new performance poem (work in progress!)

There's something wrong inside my brain
Moral compass out of range
So...was it right to go to war?
Switch the channel, what's the score?
Fear and outrage, run and hide
That was definitely offside
Win the prize, stick or twist
Look at the size of that girl's tits
Another flood, a million deaths
Switch the channel, (BEAT) one...last...breath

What is right? What is wrong?
Eviction night, winning song
Back in 30, gone to lunch
My moral biscuit's lost its crunch
House or garage, rock or punk?
My moral sex drive's lost its spunk

What's wrong with a society that attempts to condition women to believe that receiving a face-full of ejaculate ISN'T some form of misogynistic control mechanism brought about by the emasculation of society following a wave of extreme feminist radicalism?

Is that sexy? Coz I ain't buyin' it!

Diet Coke, a brand new car
My moral doodah's lost its blah
A loving, caring, sensual & consenting relationship...a new life born
Porn, porn, porn, porn

There's something wrong inside our brain
Our moral fucked

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